Salem Rally To Protest 1.6 Billion Budget Cuts - June 6

Last Friday, the Advocacy workgroup of The Alliance unanimously voted to support a Salem rally  sponsored by A Better Oregon coalition. As you know, Oregonians are bracing for $1.6 billion in budget cuts as a result of Oregon’s lowest-in-the-nation corporate taxes.

If lawmakers do not show leadership and ask corporations to pay their fair share the results will be devastating:  350,000 Oregonians would be kicked off their health insurance and severe cuts to public education could occur with greatly increased class size. We need to tell our elected leaders it is outrageous to ask Oregonians to accept deeper cuts that directly impact people living in poverty while Oregon has one of the lowest corporate taxes in the nation.

What: Legislature Rally to voice our opinion about budget cuts

When: June 6th, Leaving Portland at 10 a.m.

Where: Salem on the Capitol Steps at Noon

Why: To Ensure $1.6 Billion in Cuts Don't Impact Programs with Poverty Implications

How: Traveling by bus, van or carpool;  Register here for free lunch:

RSVP by 5 p.m. May 31 to Sarah Carolus: 503-381-6944 or

The rally is also being supported by Oregon Center for Christian Voices and Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon. Please announce or share this information with your congregation as soon as possible. See if you can insert an announcement into your bulletins or publicize from the pulpit. In addition, feel free to pass this along to other friends or colleagues who may be interested. You can email me with any questions at