NOVEMBER 15  SUPPORT NORMANDY APARTMENT RENTERS AT RIGLER SCHOOL- 5:00 PM -  By Marilyn Mauch, Interfaith Alliance Advocacy Action Team

Come at 5:00 pm and enjoy music and enchiladas made by Rigler School families. The program begins at 6:00 pm and includes a skit dramatizing the reactions of the 18 families of the Normandy Apartments and their 26 Rigler school children when they were informed by landlords that their rents were being raised by 100%!

To avoid having the school children’s learning and living circumstances disrupted, Living Cully, an anti-poverty advocacy group located in the Cully neighborhood stepped forward to help the families find nearby housing.    Multnomah County has allocated $48,000 to cover the rent increases that have threatened displacement of the schoolchildren and their families.  City officials are also being invited.