NEW BOOK "PUTTING SOUL INTO BUSINESS" by Interfaith Alliance on Poverty Advocacy Co-Chair, Tom Hering and Mary Anne Harmer Hering and


Putting Soul Into Business: The essential book for aspiring benefit corporations

We wrote “Putting Soul Into Business” for one reason: hope.

Because we believe the Benefit Corporation is going to be a strong catalyst for a better world and for a better business by adopting and practicing the 3 P’s of People, Planet and Profit.

It is our intent in this book to not only show why you should embrace this entity for your business, but how to do it. Along the way you’ll read about companies both larger and small learning about their decisions to become a Benefit Corporation. We believe you will find the transcripts for their interviews with us inspiring. It certainly was the case for us as we talked to these forward-thinking yet humble leaders.

After finishing the book, it is our hope (operative word, here) you jump in and become part of this fast-growing movement and embrace what a short while ago seemed almost impossible: putting soul into business.