Although we are all horrified at the slaughter of high school students at Parkland, we are less affected by the 17 year olds gunned down on our own streets.  It has just become so common. Another shooting, another candlelight vigil.  Another day in the life of America. Last year by the end of August , there were  10,223 gun deaths, 20,530 gun injuries, 1,343 unintentional shootings, and 244 mass shootings.    

Gun violence is heaviest in neighborhoods struggling with poverty, unemployment, failing schools, and racial disparity.    Therefore, as we consider how to stop gun violence,-- in addition to banning assault weapons, improving background checks and providing mental health services,-- we need to consider  measures to reduce poverty. . Lack of affordable housing, education, health care, racial equality, and job opportunity provide the conditions for gun violence to thrive.

Fremont United Methodist will hold a community forum on gun violence on Sunday afternoon, March 11th.  A Gun Protest rally to coincide with national marches will be held on Saturday,  March 24th,  starting at 9:00 in the morning, at Tom McCall Park.   B. Gregg